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Starry offers custom (yet affordable) internet solutions with quick installation, and 24/7 local support.

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Starry isn’t Big Internet.
It’s better internet.

  • Founded in 2014

    by an elite team of engineers and industry experts.

  • Thousands of
    National Portfolios

    and local businesses using our service.

  • Available in 5 Markets

    including LA, NY, Boston, Denver and DC.

Hassle-free internet solutions for small, medium and large businesses

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Small & Medium Business

Fast, reliable internet for small and medium businesses.

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Enterprise Solutions

Dedicated internet access and custom solutions for larger businesses.

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Real Estate Partners

Connectivity solutions for your property and residents.

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Why choose Starry Internet?

  • Seamless setup. In as few as 5 days.

  • Simple, affordable plans. We help maximize connectivity without breaking the bank.

  • Customized approach. We help overcome challenges and provide coverage where you need it.

  • Best-in-class service. We don't outsource support; our local team is available 24/7/365.

  • Speeds to meet your needs. Flexible bandwidth options with speeds up to 10 Gig.

  • Reliability you can count on. With real-time network monitoring.

Diagram of how Starry's mix of fiber and wireless works Diagram of how Starry's mix of fiber and wireless works

How Starry Internet Works

While other internet providers tear up streets and knock down walls, Starry uses a mix of fiber and wireless technology to ensure installation is quick and cost-effective.

  • Trusted by the best

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